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We've been adding some new products this week, manufactured to order (MTO).  In the past we'd manufacture to stock, and thus when a customer purchased an item we would ship immediately.  We're able to support a wider range of products by taking proven designs in smaller scales, scaling them up to S or O scale, placing them in the manufacturing software to calculate dimensions and pricing, and then listing these on the online store.  We expect to be able to produce these in typically desired quantities in 3-5 business days.  We'll still manufacture most of our items to stock, especially for the more popular (read:smaller) scales, but expect to see more and more large scale items listed as MTO.

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  • For a long term project, any chance you folks could print the Boiler, engine, and machinery of the East Broad Top RR shops in Rockhill, Pa? They’re well documented,, still extant, and currently being restored one piece at a time. There are excellent kits for the machine shop, boiler house, and car shops in HO that are CRYING for interior details :-) All the machinery is pre 1950, most of it from 1880-1920 or so.
    doug langdon

    doug langdon

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