HO Scale 8-Pack Pole Transformers


Product Overview

  • Accurately modeled and finely detailed
  • Haul around on a flat car or build out your own model electrical grid
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Size Approx 13 x 10 x 18 mm (LxWxH)

Pole transformers are designed for the efficient transformation of high voltage electric power to a lower voltage. Often used in industrial settings and/or electrical substations where industrial uses require the stepping down of a transmission voltage to something more usable by industry or to meet the needs of commercial or residential areas. Imagine your layout with a flatcar load of these super accurately designed scale model transformers headed for your industrial power plant or electrical substation model.

Rail car / US penny coin shown for size comparison and are not included.

Scale model is for display and operating model railroad load / modelling and is not a child's toy. FRAGILE. For use by railroad modelers age 14 years minimum.