About Us

Multiscale Digital LLC was founded in 2018 to design and manufacture Shockingly Accurate scale models ranging from 1:29  through 1:220.  We strive to model prototypes in stunning detail, leveraging exciting new technologies to go far beyond what's been possible before.

Our engineers employ state-of-the-art CAD tools to produce scale models based on real-world prototypes. Our founder is an electrical engineer originally from Pittsburgh, and that background drives the emphasis on steel mill, industrial and electrical scale models.

We run a farm of industry leading commercial fused deposition 3D printers and 3D ultraviolet laser printers. Through our industry partners we have access to high-end laser sintering machines.  We've got a decade of experience in plastic injection molding. When needed capabilities are unavailable in commercially available machines, we modify existing machines or design and build our own.

Contact Information

For questions about products or orders: sales@multiscaledigital.com

For technical support, returns, or if something went wrong: support@multiscaledigital.com

For new product suggestions or improvements: brainstorm@multiscaledigital.com

We love to see photos of our products on your layout. Send to photos@multiscaledigital.com

We respond to emails very quickly, and any email you receive from us can be replied to directly.  We never use those ridiculous and rude "no-reply" email addresses so popular with businesses these days. 

If you like you can use the form below to reach us as well.  It's all good.